Day 2

Finally in Rota! And finally starting to get on the right time schedule. It’s still crazy looking around and actually being in our own home. It feels so nice to finally be with my husband in our new home! After 6 months of being married it’s like time is finally slowing down and we can enjoy it together. Yesterday, we went for a walk through a tree forest that leads to the beach. It was gorgeous and only three streets down from our house! There were even kite surfers out on the water and it looked like so much fun. It’s definitely on my list of things to do while we’re here.

I definitely need to brush up more on my Spanish. Being surrounded by people who you have no idea what they are saying is a challenge I’m slowly working on. If I listen very closely I can pick out words I understand, but I know fully understanding is going to take some time. I guess I’ll just have to make sure I get in my dose of Spanish TV in and actually using my Rosetta Stone to brush up. And to think I thought I’d never need Spanish.

I’m slowly getting things around the house organized, stuff we need put on a list, and my stuff I brought unpacked. All of our other belongings will be showing up Monday thankfully. A lot earlier than we had originally expected. I’ve only been here two days and I already desperately miss my kitchen things! You don’t realize how hard it is to cook something when you have nothing. I made a pizza in the oven, (once I figured out how to use the oven), only to realize I didn’t have a pizza cutter or an oven mitt to get it out. I used a bath towel to get it out and thankfully had one plastic knife left that did the trick to cut it without any real trouble. My next challenge is getting the dryer to actually dry something. One problem at a time I suppose.

I think being in a different country is finally starting to hit me. I can’t wait to explore more and to see as much as I can! Thankfully now, we have nothing but time. 🙂




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