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This is the post I wrote while I was in the Madrid airport, but I ran out of free WiFi time

Well today’s the day, I’m on my way back to the states for the next few months. Luckily, this time I don’t have an ungodly horrible layover like my last Madrid encounter. Twelve hour in an airport in rough. My layover this time is only 4 hours. Besides having to get up at 4am to finish getting ready and going to the airport, this morning went pretty smoothly.

I did my absolute best not to cry and failed miserably. I was crying when we were pulling away from the house, I cried when we were saying goodbye in the airport, I cried once I got through security, and I cried once I was actually in the air because it must have once and for all hit me that I was leaving. It sucks leaving Spain, but mostly in sucks leaving my husband, Tom. We’ve started our life here and now I’ve got to up and leave. It was kind of weird because usually I’m the one watching him leave.

I’m not going to lie and say I’m not excited to go home, because I am. I was up half the night dreaming of all the delicious places I plan on eating within the next few weeks! Haha. I’m also excited to see my friends and family, but it would all be a lot more exciting if my husband could come too. He told me he was jealous of all the stuff I was going to get to eat. You really start to miss the convenience of things when you don’t have them around. I’m sure the next few months will fly by because I definitely plan on keeping myself busy running around. Tom starts his next round of classes while I’m away, so hopefully that will keep him busy too.

It worked out nicely that the time periods I can be with him fall into the holiday season. I can’t wait to get back and start decorating for Christmas and putting up our very first tree together. There are a lot of things to look forward to coming up and I know November will be here before I know it.

Well I guess I’m going to go find my boarding gate and prep for the almost 9 hour flight back across the Atlantic Ocean. See ya soon America!

I’ve been back in America for a week now and I’ve finally adjusted to the time difference. The first few days I was home I was waking up at dawn and getting sleepy at like 9pm. That pattern certainly didn’t last long with running around seeing everyone. I have also been out to eat more than I care to admit this week and had my fair fill of American food. Luckily, I’ve still been doing my PiYo, so all my bad eating has been kept at bay.

Now to get the rest of my clothes unpacked…that may be a few more days. Haha.


One Last Spanish Adventure…..For Now.

I can’t believe it’s already about to be August. Seems like just yesterday I was unpacking the house. Today I’ve been packing and preparing for our weekend mini vacation to Marbella. We opted out of spending the extra money required to include breakfast in our hotel stay, so I made some muffins and we are taking a cooler to save some on eating out every meal. I have heard there are some American chain restaurants in the area we are staying in, so I shall definitely be keeping my eyes peeled. People act like it’s a big thing to eat foreign food, I don’t know if it’s just because we are basically in the boonies version of Spain or what, but most of the restaurants have normal food. Sure things are differently prepared and there are some different options on the menu, but I haven’t found anything I’d specifically call out as a Spanish food. Most restaurants have Cheese Cake Factory sized menus with a little bit of everything to offer. The only thing really different is the absurd amount of pastries we call desserts that they eat for breakfast, but that’s more delicious, so hats off!

We are going to a David Guetta concert tomorrow night, which I’m super stoked about. We had a festival at the stadium a few streets down the other week and it was crazy all weekend. We could literally hear music in the distance all night long. Our normally unoccupied streets were covered with people everywhere. Literally, people were camping in the woods, in their cars, showering by the beach side, and you don’t even want to know where they were going to the bathroom. I’m not sure how long this concert is going to be, but we definitely plan on getting some nap time in once we check into our hotel tomorrow. No cramped car sleeping or tenting for these two! After we recover Saturday we plan to spend the rest of the weekend exploring. My handy dandy 40 day trips from Rota, Spain book also has a few fun ideas of things to do in the area so I’m sure we won’t get too bored. If anything there is always our hotels huge pool to relax by. Then Sunday we can make the journey back to Rota.

Which brings me to the real reason I’m writing this new post. Next week I’m going to be spending most of my time trying to figure out which essentials I need to put in my singly allotted 50 pound suitcase to take back to the states. Since most of my belonging are here it’s going to be a pain in the ass to figure out what to take. I did figure out that the less clothing I take home just means the more clothes I can buy when I get there. However, I will probably have to leave most of my books here, which is depressing, because inevitably they will be the ones I want to read most. Now I know how children of divorced parents feel having to commute from one house to another, only instead of every week, it’s every three months, oh yeah and there’s an ocean in between. I can’t wait until I can actually stay here!

The absolute worst thing about this whole thing is that I have to leave my husband for three months. I’ve been pretty much in denial of my upcoming departure until now, so next week is probably going to suck. I’ve been trying to look on the bright side, like I can actually Skype him, so I will be able to see him. When he was deployed we got in about an email a day, so it’s definitely better than that. I’ve gotten so accustomed to our new life together that it’s going to be hard knowing I won’t be with him or in our new home. Hopefully, it will still be clean when I get back. I have faith that it will be cleaned the weeks approaching my return :P. Next week is going to be dedicated to packing, tanning, walking the beach, and having as much fun as possible with my husband.

Having to be separated from my husband aside, I am excited to go back to the states for awhile. I miss Chipotle, my family, and my friends. (Not in any specific order lol) I also miss the convenience of things. There are so many more options of everything. In the states I can drive five minutes and be in a shopping center with pretty much everything I need. Sure, we can find most things on base which is about 10 minutes away, but the closest big shopping center to us is about 30 minutes away. Also, I can drive in the states, I miss my car. I have yet to learn how to drive a stick shift, so my husbands been doing most of the driving around. Hopefully, I will learn before I return. It’s going to be a different adventure for awhile, so I will do my best to keep up on what’s going on with both of us while I’m in the states.

Well, that’s pretty much everything for now. I should probably finish packing for this weekends adventure. I still have to dig out the glow sticks! I’m sure I will post again while I’m on my journey to the states, so I will talk to you all next weekend!


I know…I’m a blogging slacker.

I get super on my blogging game for a few weeks and then BOOM! radio silence. I just wanted to give you guys an update since it’s been over a month since my last post. And because yesterday I realized that in exactly one month I will be back in the states. It made me realize how fast time has flown being here and how much I’m going to miss seeing my husband when I have to leave. It sucks to finally feel settled as our new family, just to be uprooted again because the military is taking FOREVER to get the paperwork straight. It also sucks because half of my belonging, my situated office, are in Spain, so I have to take whatever I may want back to the states in much smaller confines than it all came. All I can say is I’m going have one heavy suitcase and carry on bag!

The only bright side to being forced to go back to the states, is that I get to go home for awhile. I get to see my family and my friends and I get to eat Chipotle! (Anyone who wants to go while I’m home, I would love to go!) Spain is highly lacking in spicy food!

Any who, what’s next?

1. I’ve actually got a few writing ideas I’ve been running with, so things are going pretty well as far as me actually working is concerned.

2. We’ve been trying to explore as much of our immediate area as we can while I’m still in Spain. A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip to Sevilla and it was amazing! I don’t think we will be doing any more overnight trips, but I’ve definitely got some day trips in mind!

And 3. We’ve been planning our next big adventure. I can come back to Europe again in November, which will also be our 1 year anniversary, so we are working out planning a trip to explore Ireland for a few weeks! I’ve got my travel guide and I’ve been scouring the internet for the best trip deals. Exacts are all still to be determined.

Until next time…
There is always going to be an adventure out there awaiting, even if it’s back in your own backyard for awhile.

Busy Busy Busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks! We got all of our stuff, I got to meet a lot of new people, ate some pretty delicious Spanish food, did a mini Rota crawl (they are very generous with their drink portions here), multiple shopping excursions, and even saw the new X-Men movie.

Our stuff arrived and we slowly got it unpacked. Our house is finally starting to feel like our own. I’ve still got a few more things I want to rearrange. Yesterday, we went to Ikea and I finally got a desk! Going to Ikea was an adventure in itself! I’d never been to an actual Ikea store before and if there hadn’t been little arrows mapped on the floor we probably would have been lost in there forever! I found a desk, a cute egg chair, lamp, and a few other housing accessories we needed. The funniest part was trying to fit it all in the car, plus three people. Definitely made me miss big American cars.

My desk top is pretty decent sized so we had to put down the back seat and wiggle the top through, then re-wiggle the other side up so I could actually sit. It was even more fun trying to fit in my egg chair box! We ended up taking it out of the box and just wedging it in the empty spaces, along with everything else we bought. We made it home and my amazing husband helped me put it together. 😀 It’s so nice having somewhere to work without having all my stuff lined across the walls and sprawling out on the floor.

First order of business though, is to religiously work on my Rosetta Stone, everyday! Not being able to understand people very well is really a problem. Ikea was just the start. I have a whole new appreciation for foreign language barriers.




Day 2

Finally in Rota! And finally starting to get on the right time schedule. It’s still crazy looking around and actually being in our own home. It feels so nice to finally be with my husband in our new home! After 6 months of being married it’s like time is finally slowing down and we can enjoy it together. Yesterday, we went for a walk through a tree forest that leads to the beach. It was gorgeous and only three streets down from our house! There were even kite surfers out on the water and it looked like so much fun. It’s definitely on my list of things to do while we’re here.

I definitely need to brush up more on my Spanish. Being surrounded by people who you have no idea what they are saying is a challenge I’m slowly working on. If I listen very closely I can pick out words I understand, but I know fully understanding is going to take some time. I guess I’ll just have to make sure I get in my dose of Spanish TV in and actually using my Rosetta Stone to brush up. And to think I thought I’d never need Spanish.

I’m slowly getting things around the house organized, stuff we need put on a list, and my stuff I brought unpacked. All of our other belongings will be showing up Monday thankfully. A lot earlier than we had originally expected. I’ve only been here two days and I already desperately miss my kitchen things! You don’t realize how hard it is to cook something when you have nothing. I made a pizza in the oven, (once I figured out how to use the oven), only to realize I didn’t have a pizza cutter or an oven mitt to get it out. I used a bath towel to get it out and thankfully had one plastic knife left that did the trick to cut it without any real trouble. My next challenge is getting the dryer to actually dry something. One problem at a time I suppose.

I think being in a different country is finally starting to hit me. I can’t wait to explore more and to see as much as I can! Thankfully now, we have nothing but time. 🙂




Well in Madrid at least. I have a stupid long layover for my only hour long flight that will finally get me to Rota. As fun as exploring sounds I feel like a zombie as it is. Sleeping on planes is horribly uncomfortable. They should really have beds in airports for long layovers such as this with such extensive time changes. I have been up since 8am yesterday, got maybe 4 good hours of sleep on the plane rides so far and it has now almost been a full 24 hours since I’ve been awake. I’m trying with all my might to make time fly by watching movies and reruns of Vampire Diaries so that I will stay awake and the next 8 hours until I get to board my flight won’t drag quite as badly.

Now as far as the whole travel experience, it wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it was going to be. I was very nervous about flying alone since I’ve never done so, but I was okay. Every time I moved I felt like I was forgetting something simply because I had no one around to remind me of it, but trust me I have everything accounted and no straggler belongings have been left behind. The hardest part of the whole trip was saying goodbye to all my family when I got up to finally go through security at the airport, but I didn’t blubber as much as I thought I was going to. This of course was after continually telling myself I was not going to cry and forbidding my family to do so as well.

My flight to NY was delayed, but I still made it in time to catch my Madrid flight. I almost wish my NY flight to Madrid had been delayed so I could have hung out some more in the big apple, but after the quiet I have experienced in the Madrid airport, I guess our early arrival wasn’t to terrible in it’s sardine squished NY airport comparison. We even arrived early in Madrid, so I’m getting even more time hanging around for my next flight.

Oh! I did get to see the statue of liberty as we entered NY, that was pretty cool. That’s probably my favorite part of flying, getting to see the ground from so high up. It’s like looking at one of those little model towns where everything is an exact replica. After all night flying over the Atlantic staring down at cloud patches it was cool this morning when we finally got low enough to see the land again. There are lots of other things I want to tell you about, but my lack of sleep has me rambling and not in a good way, so I think I’ll end this here and reconvene tomorrow Spain time once I’ve caught up on my beauty sleep. At least I’ll be well acclimated to the time change. Never again will I accidentally schedule a layover this long!

Only One Week Left!

Only one week left in America for awhile! So much to do so little time!

I’ve started getting my stuffed organized and somewhat in my suitcases. It’s really hard to pack things you may still need though. I’ve only somewhat packed and my suitcases are over half full! I know there is still stuff left that needs to be in them, so I may have to reevaluate some clothing options to make more room. I’m also working on getting my Nook stocked up to keep me occupied on my long journey. I keep having this horrid desire to buy cute new things to wear and have in Spain, but I also keep reminding myself that very soon I can BUY cute new things in Spain! The struggle is real! Hopefully I can keep it at bay for a few more days haha.


Where to begin…

Hello! My name is Alyssa. I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a double major in English and Communications. I want to be a novelist and a screenplay writer. I want to write fun adventures, love stories, and one day take my stories from the page to the big screen. I’d like to have a novel finished one of these days, but I tend to jump from one idea to another. I’ll stumble upon the right idea I just can’t put down one of these days. In the mean time I’ll scratch outlines together, write bad poetry, and making vlogs that I will never post.

If you didn’t know, Norfolk, VA is known for it’s military population, so no surprise when I was out on the town for girls night when I met the perfect sailor for me! I had agreed to be the sober driver, so my boy sighting eyes were in tip top shape when they stumbled upon the tallest cutie (I have a thing, okay) in a room full of unattractive short guys (okay, guys my height). I blame watching watching Mary-Kate and Ashley movies as a kid where they danced with cute boys at least a head taller! Anyways, I had almost lost hope when he disappeared for a bit. I went to sit and sulk with my friend whose toes had been crushed by a heal (sloppy drunk friends heal) when I looked up to notice that he and his friend were standing right near my other friends who did the toe crushing. Of course off I went to casually chat with them, when HE bumped into me! And the rest is history! ❤

Fast forward to after graduating college, him picking new orders, us getting engaged and we are in November of 2013. I married my amazing husband and became a Navy wife. I was definitely thrown into the military lifestyle. We got engaged, he left for his last deployment, with the help of my family and close friends we planned a wedding in less than four months. He arrived back the morning of the rehearsal dinner with just enough time to pick him up, get our marriage license, rehearse, and get to dinner. Thankfully, our big day went smoothly. I got to spend the weekend with him for our mini-honeymoon before he was off again to training school in Texas for three and a half months. Luckily, it was during the Holidays, so I got him back for a few weeks in between.

Now that he is done with training school we are going to be living in Spain for the next few years. For a girl who has literally lived in the same house her whole life (minus those few years away in college) traveling to a whole new country is certainly going to be a new adventure. I have my passport ready to go, now we’ve just gotta jump through the millions of hoops that are the military. Since we weren’t married when he picked his orders they are unaccompanied. They told us he’d have to rank up to change his order and have me with him there, he did. They wouldn’t alter them before he got there, so since then it’s just been one thing after another. They give us one hoop to jump through and as soon as we make it through, they give us an obstacle course.

My college roommate is getting married May 10th, and the week following I will be on my way to Spain for the 90 days that I’m legally allowed to be in the country without a visa, then back to my parents I’ll go. Once I’m home again I can start applying for a visa to be in the country on my own accord since the military channel is going to take a million years. If all goes well  I will be back in Spain to spend Christmas with my husband and stay for good. If not it’s surely going to be a lot of expensive plane tickets, flying back and forth, and grumpy rants. You’ve been warned. The one plus if I have to keep going back and forth is that I won’t have to miss my family and friends here as much, but I will be missing my husband more than I want to.

The whole point of this blog is to keep our family and friends in our lives even when we are far away. If you decide to stick around with me for this journey the next few years I promise to try and keep this blog up to date. I also promise to show you all of our adventures around Europe and all the delicious food that is in our future!

Until next time 🙂